Web site for Slovenian Hall in San Francisco (2101 Mariposa Street)

Web sites for the local KSKJ St. Francis Lodge #236 and main KSKJ organization.

 Web site for the main SNPJ organization.

Your gateway to information on Slovenia

Brezplačni spletni slovarji (Free web dictionary)

PONS is a free online language portal which includes a Slovenian dictionary for those situations when one just cannot remember the right word.

 Slovnični pregledovalnik Amebis Besana (Grammatical checker Amebis Besana)

Amebis Besana is a free Slovenian grammar site which offers to check the grammer of phrases/sentences ("preverjanje") and to help clarify the declined/conjugated forms of nouns, adjectives, and verbs ("pregibanje").  This site is mostly in Slovenian.  Also available are Amebis Presis (text translation) and Amebis Govorec (text to speach).